#SMNT10 at Santa Monica Public Library

Our #SMNT10 event took place at Santa Monica Public Library. There were 5 presenters, 1 special speaker, 1 great sponsor  and about 150 members attending.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Santa Monica Public Library impressed everyone with their current technology and on-going initiatives: digital books, bump payments, responsive website, virtual library navigation map that shows you how to get to the shelf where your book is, mobile app, digital catalog, and much more. Only 2 years ago OneClickDigital was not around, but today you can instantly download books to your smart device and listen to them at your convenience! And you don’t need to walk to the library to return the book, it will fly off your device back to the library when it is due! Diane Bednarski, Principal Librarian, mentioned a possibility of having stations around the city where you can easily download chapters of any book for free while you are waiting for your bus or else. How cool is that?

Heather Martin from Insperity.com was our venue sponsor and provided Krispy Kreme doughnuts! She wrote an article about our group back in Dec 2012: http://bit.ly/XwHmQJ. Marcus Filipovich from Pasadena Angels gave his friendly investor feedback at the end and told us about the design accelerator that he is launching in Pasadena.

My comments about presentations:

Lumeo – interesting approach to education, it is “not painful anymore”, beautiful images, video and slides

MyTrueCloud – impressive presentation with good explanation slides, 15 ppl team, and 1mln revenue already, congrats!

The Suitest – very elaborate demo video about hotel room comparison, I also thought about applying it to event venues

At The Pool – nice new concept about meeting people based on shared interests, I’d say a blend of craigslist and meetup, but could work for dating too

Tikr – countdown for your events, a perfect blend of video and ppt, entertaining

All presenters did a great job, and we do like variety in ways of delivery, content, industries, etc. So it was just perfect!

Our next meeting is Monday, May 20 at 3110 Main Str at 31Ten Lounge. We will be celebrating our 1 year anniversary, so come to chat with your fellow entrepreneurs from our group and LA Tech Happy Hour group, have a cake, and give your feedback about how to make SMNT even better. Also, please, submit your comments via survey anonymously http://svy.mk/19An8XQ

I will gather all comments and read highlights at our next demo/pitch event #SMNT11 at Cross Campus  on June 26.

#SMNT10-1     #SMNT10-6 #SMNT10-4     #SMNT10-2

See more pictures from #SMNT10: http://www.meetup.com/Santa-Monica-New-Tech/photos/14906432/

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