She++ Documentary

On May 16, ROC offered an exclusive screening of “She++” documentary and a panel of female engineers.She ++

“In 2010, only 15% of computer science majors were females and 50% of girls felt that STEM was not a career path for women. These statistics inspired a few Stanford University students to produce a short film that explores the topic of women in tech. The documentary is meant to help girls feel less intimidated by coding”.

The leaders from the following organizations that support women in tech were present: DIY Girls, WITI, Girls in Tech LA, USC School of Engineering.

Panel of Female Engineers:

Melissa Bennett / Senior Software Developer / Huge

Esther Nam / Web Developer /

Mirian Avalos / CTO / County of San Bernardino, District Attorney

She ++ imageThere are more women in tech and business today than ever. Examples are Marissa Meyer from Yahoo!, Sherry Turkle from MIT and the author of “Alone Together”, Sheryl Sandberg COO of Facebook and the author of “Lean In”, Jennifer Pahlka from Code for America.

The majority of jobs today have technology component. And technology is about logic, which could be followed and designed by any gender. Both men and women can totally do it.

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