Concept Modeling at #SMNT11

Santa Monica New Tech#SMNT11 took place at CrossCampus on June 26. Santa Monica New Tech

Winston Perez gave a great presentation on Concept Modeling, the discipline he created. Read his articles: Superman and Godfather After 5 new tech startups presented (Pollenate, Fatal Cut Entertainment, Bitium, AktiveBay, Rundavoo), Winston gave tips to all presenters on how to improve their concept models.

The best innovation of all times is not the bikini or beer and not even the underground sewage system or the bulb as was suggested … but wood bundles to make bonfire.

We videorecorded this event and will post it for all to view on SMNT Youtube channel when ready. Also, two more events are coming in July: AktiveBay
July 15 – #SMhub2 netwoSanta Monica New Techrking hub
July 24 – #SMNT12 demo/feedback event
Other cool events:
July 1 – Pay It Forward
July 10 – Social interfaces
July 18 – Deadline to Win a Business Trip to France with the YEi startup competition
StartupChile just had another round Gen 8 of their business plan competition. On Aug 28, 2013 100 Startups will be chosen to go to Chile at the end of 2013!
Good luck!

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