BingOn Wednesday we had a great event #SMNT18 at Cross Campus. Our sponsors were Bing and Halcyon Innovation. See pics from the event on FB or Meetup and videos on Youtube.

6 startups:

MarkedUp – Stop Guessing, Start Measuring! MarkedUp brings actionable analytics and insights to desktop developers in order to help them make better, data-driven decisions when it comes to managing their applications. MarkedUp is the only analytics platform available for WinRT and Windows 8 developers, and it supports full comp

SMNT18 Members

atibility with both WinRT and WinJS. MarkedUp was founded in 2012 by an ex-Microsoftie and a team of people who live and breathe the Windows ecosystem, in Santa Monica, California.

Tacit – Tait is building an army powerful enough to turn virtual dreams into physical realities. The gaming industry is a $70.4B market with over 1.2B gamers. Tacit believes in monetizing the gamer community as a force for good by producing social simulation games that fund global change. By turning games into reality, and gamers into heroes, Tacit bridges the virtual & the physical like never before. With Tacit, it’s not just a game anymore.

FlywheelFlywheel – Your ride is here. Hail a cab, track your ride and pay -all from your smartphone. Originally named Cabulous and founded in 2009, Flywheel was created as an innovative mobile solution to an age-old, real-world problem–sourcing readily available, reliable and reasonably priced rides in busy urban environments. Founders Elijah Windsor, Ryan Huffman, Tal Flanchraych and John Wolpert wanted reassurance for busy, city-driven people that a ride-on-the-fly would always be just a smartphone tap away. In 2012, Cabulous re-launched as Flywheel, and has quickly become one of the biggest names in the E-hailing industry.

AirChat –  Airchat is your instant phonebook. Join a phonebook in one-tap to access everyone’s contact for messaging or calls. Your phonebook stays updated automatically when new contacts join. Airchat is your phonebook in the cloud! Join multiple phonebooks to easily manage all your conversations in one app. Create a phonebook for work, school, friends, family and more.

Datezr – Date ideas at your fingertips. Datezr combines all possible activities, events, places, restaurants, music shows into a big pool of ideas, we apply our special Datezr sauce to them and we match those ideas based on what you and your partner is interested in.Datezr

Synaccord – Bring Synergy to democracy. Imagine an app where millions of us privately and securely participate in raising the tough issues (Taxes? Education? Budget? ) and creating solutions; where individual choice dampens negativity and synergy produces solutions with tremendous support; and results are voted on and seen by our elected officials.

See pics from the Olympics in Sochi, including the hottest technology at Megafon Pavilion. Next event is at 6:30PM on March 13 at Cross Campus, 1558 10th Str in Santa Monica.

Message from Bing:

Microsoft is especially interested in hearing what our community thinks about them and their Consumer Apps & Services. Please share your feedback, and enter in to win one of the five $100 Amazon Gift cards Microsoft’s giving away as a thank you for your time. For any questions or additional feedback, you can also reach out toglobalmeetups@microsoft.com



Networking at #100StartupsYesterday, Dec 5, we hosted our Holiday party/Reunion for all 100 startups that have presented at our events over last 20  months. We were lucky to have great sponsors Softlayer, WeezLabs, TechnicalConnections and Bloc who made sure we had plenty of Fresh Brothers pizza, beer and no cover fee! About 300 people gathered at Cross Campus last night 6-10PM. We had both old and new startups presenting.

Out of original 100 startups some wrote that they were not able to attend due to traveling, other commitments or simply because they are based out of state. Others came to the event but chose not to present. And there are of course those who are not pursuing what they worked on before.

FingerTipMaestro update

With all that, it was a great event and it was heartwarming to here success stories of those who presented last night at #100Startups. Here is the list of presenters with available links if you wish to contact them:






Free pizza and beer!










Computers For a Cause

Virto Commerce

Mr. CheckPoint












MusicPunk update





Wohoo! For You!

Green Zones

I Heart Savvy


NewMe PopUp Demo Day

Last night 22 startups presented at the LA PopUp Demo Day at Google’s Venice offices.NewMe PopUp

About NewME: Launched in June 2011, NewME is an immersive entrepreneurial experience that takes startup founders to the next level.  They accelerate risk-taking, game-changing, and troublemaking entrepreneurs around the world through their 12-week program based in San Francisco and PopUp series among additional programs and products.  NewME’s mission is to be a catalyst

The food market

to inclusiveness for technology entrepreneurs by changing the status quo and making Silicon Valley accessible.

About Google for Entrepreneurs: Google for Entrepreneurs empowers entrepreneurs around the world through programs, partnerships, and Google products. SelfyzWith over 50 programs in 110 countries, Google for Entrepreneurs seeks to grow entrepreneurial communities and to equip entrepreneurs with skills and resources to pursue their big ideas. To learn about the programs, or to grow your own skills through free online courses, visit Google.com/entrepreneurs or on Google+ at google.com/+GoogleForEntrepreneurs.

After two days of intense workshops and hands-on coaching, Demo Day was a first glimpse at local startup founders revealing their new products to accredited investors and industry leaders in the LA startup community.

Insurgent Labs

Startups got 2 mins to pitch to a panel of judges and a chance to win $46,000 worth of products and services from sponsors and a chance to earn a slot in NewME Accelerator next cycle in San Francisco.

Presenters were the following: Night out app, Ultraviolet Garden, Single-ite, Lumin Technologies, See thru me, Swapsidy, Day Perfect, The food trade, BusTechIQ courses, Miigle, Selfyz, Daily Solution, Insurgent labs, Docsfer, Patch of land, Party spill

, CrowdSense, Newbizenergy, College Ease, Conduitcdp, My Choice, StoryLockIt. CrowdSense

3rd place –  shared by Docsfer (electronic statements made right) and Day Perfect (right activities within your range and budget)

Patch of Land2nd place – Miigle (platform for entrepreneurs to connect to each other)

1st place – Swapsidy (loyalty program)

This event was a great exposure to what SoCal startups are working on. Great work!

#SMhub2 in July!

Santa Monica New Tech networking event 1On July 15 we hosted our second networking #SMhub2 event at Regus. CJ Bruce from Newantics gave a talk about video strategy.Santa Monica New Tech networking event 2
AwardFantasy and Film Bundle told us about their film startups. More than 100 people networked in 3 groups: startups, film/video and social media.
Thank you to our great sponsors: Regus for the venue, and Insperity and MoPro for beer!
Our next pitch/demo event is on Wed, July 24 at CrossCampus!

Concept Modeling at #SMNT11

Santa Monica New Tech#SMNT11 took place at CrossCampus on June 26. Santa Monica New Tech

Winston Perez gave a great presentation on Concept Modeling, the discipline he created. Read his articles: Superman http://bit.ly/19e5M4L and Godfather http://bit.ly/106Xwxn. After 5 new tech startups presented (Pollenate, Fatal Cut Entertainment, Bitium, AktiveBay, Rundavoo), Winston gave tips to all presenters on how to improve their concept models.

The best innovation of all times is not the bikini or beer and not even the underground sewage system or the bulb as was suggested … but wood bundles to make bonfire.

We videorecorded this event and will post it for all to view on SMNT Youtube channel when ready. Also, two more events are coming in July: AktiveBay
July 15 – #SMhub2 netwoSanta Monica New Techrking hub http://bit.ly/10pJjPC
July 24 – #SMNT12 demo/feedback event http://bit.ly/11NY8g0
Other cool events:
July 1 – Pay It Forward http://bit.ly/19DfukW
July 10 – Social interfaces http://bit.ly/128W927
July 18 – Deadline to Win a Business Trip to France with the YEi startup competition www.yeifrance.com
StartupChile just had another round Gen 8 of their business plan competition. On Aug 28, 2013 100 Startups will be chosen to go to Chile at the end of 2013!
Good luck!

Silicon Beach Fest Demo Day June 2013

santamonica-beautySilicon Beach Fest (SBF) kicked off Wednesday with a demo day showcasing over a dozen startups from the Los Angeles area. Here are a few companies that caught our eye.


The Wikipad 7 is a $249 hybrid Android tablet and gaming controller. It launched last week, selling out at Best Buy and Walmart. The device was originally pitched as a 10.1-inch tablet at twice the price, but the company delayed the product and went back to the drawing board.

Based on a quick hands-on, the combo has a nice ergonomic feel to it. Switching between the touchscreen and the controller can be a bit jarring, but the improved gaming controls make up for it.

Wikipad’s founder said it took about $2 million to get the tablet off the ground, and the project reportedly has the support of both Google and Nvidia.


Preact helps companies collect and understand user data to improve their support and customer management systems. The company offers a side bar that pops up alongside applications like Zendesk, Salesforce and Hootsuite. The tool offers data on user behaviors related to: churn likelihood, account health, unusual behavior and onboarding funnel.

Founder Christopher Gooley highlighted one company using Preact that got its support ticket resolution time down to 44 seconds.


We covered Bitium back in April when they announced completion of a $2.4 million seed round. The startup bills itself as a “cloud operating system”. Its product acts as a centralized system for SaaS applications, helping enterprises consolidate logins and manage permissions and allowing employees to easier collaborate and communicate across applications.

The power of SaaS applications is growing quickly, but juggling apps is becoming a tangled affair. Bitium’s making a huge play for the enterprise, and we’re optimistic about their prospects.


Prevoty offers a security filter meant to help websites avoid malicious attacks by managing cross-site scripting. SmartFilter is designed to allow website users to continue submitting healthy content such as links and videos to a site, without opening it up to attacks.

The startup says SmartFilter works faster than traditional firewalls, while providing analytics and notifications. It can remove all HTML/CSS tags, allow a subset, and automatically convert links to a URL shortening service.

Prevoty believes in its product enough that it set up a SmartFilter sandbox on its own website and lets hackers submit code through it.

The Kive Company

The Kive Company won Startup World LA earlier this year with its Artkive app, which helps parents  archive kids’ artwork. Now it’s moving forward with Tastemaker Mom, a platform for signs moms to interact with and help influence brands and their products.

It’s nice to see that the startup isn’t just going to rely on a one-app wonder. The mom demographic is obviously a huge potential business, and the data The Kive Company collects from its user base is going to be immensely valuable for brands.


You probably already know Instagram gallery site Instacanvas, but you probably didn’t know that it boasts the largest commercial image catalogue with over 38 million images for sale. Over the past year, the company has ramped up to $2 million in annual revenue.

Instacanvas raised a $1.7 million seed round in just 48 hours, with Founders Fund, First Round Capital, Bullpen Capital participating.

The Bouqs

Flower e-commerce site The Bouqs just crossed the half million revenue mark this month with over 200,000 blooms shipped.

Buying from other online flower vendors is a pain. The Bouqs wants to change that by offering a flat $40 fee for all of its bouquets, discount subscription services, and three-click check out. With the subscription, you can add in holidays, birthdays and special occasions and have flowers automatically delivered on the day of. You can also sign up for recurring bouquets or surprise shipments.

Flowers are apparently sourced from an active volcano in South America and cut to order.

I’ve been burned by flower delivery services in the past, so I was skeptical about this one, but I was practically reaching for my credit card by the time this pitch was done.


Wallaby aims to tackle the credit card market by optimizing users’ rewards programs in the background. You can sign up for a Wallaby card and add existing cards to your account and the service will automatically direct the charges to the card with the best reward for that purchase.

Wallaby launched version 2.0 of its iPhone app earlier on Wednesday and also offers an Android application. Other services include Wallet Boost, which recommends new cards, and an upcoming point of sale system and API.


Productivity and music need a special something to go together well, and Focus@will takes a scientific approach to finding it. The company builds “phase-sequenced music” playlists that are designed to help you focus for 100-minute segments.

The service launched five weeks ago and has reached 135,000 members. Growth is definitely on the up and up, as founder Will Henshall revealed during his pitch that the company had doubled membership in the last 48 hours.

This article is re-posted from http://thenextweb.com/insider/2013/06/20/our-favorite-startups-from-las-silicon-beach-fest-demo-day/

June Networking Hub

Based oSmhub3n the results of our annual survey we learned that our members want more networking! So we had our first SMhub networking event yesterday at Regus. There were more than 100 people attending. Josh Ochs from MediaLeaders gave great Marketing tips for startups, TiempoDevelopment bought us all beer anSMhub4d snacks. After Jennifer Carter, CEO of Regus, told us about her office space and upcoming event, all attendees split into 3 main networking sessions: Social Media, eCommerce+Mobile and Healthcare.

See more pictures on Facebook: http://on.fb.me/18X6iHC or Meetup: http://bit.ly/15h2yJJ
We will have our next networking event on July 15, while we still run our once a month pitch/demo events.

More Startup and Tech Event Organizers in Santa Monica


Based in Los Angeles, California, TechZulu is an independent news organization delivering an insightful story of the technology industry by showcasing the very people creating it. Our mission is simple: to discover, cover and connect you with vetted technology resources in the Southern California ecosystem and beyond. A pioneer in live Web television, TechZulu engages millions of viewers through real time reporting at conferences and its weekly news show, TechZulu Live. TechZulu also offers production services for conferences and events, and runs the Spotlight Series highlighting promising new technologies. Final Friday http://bit.ly/18uWhxE.


Technori is building the starter community through curated events and a passionate network http://technorila.eventbrite.com/


Startup World is a global competition started by Hermione Way and Erick Davidson to find the world’s most innovative startups. While most media is currently focusing on Silicon Valley, we want to shine a light on entrepreneurs in emerging markets. http://startupworldla-eorg.eventbrite.com/


Startup Grind is a global startup community designed to educate, inspire, and connect entrepreneurs. We host monthly events in more than 40 cities and 20 countries featuring successful local founders, innovators, educators and investors who share personal stories and lessons learned on the road to building great companies. Our monthly fireside chat interviews, startup mixers and annual conferences provide ample opportunities to connect with amazing startups and the people behind them, tap into a strong support network, form meaningful connections and gain inspiration for the startup journey ahead. www.StartupGrind.com


Tech Cocktail is a media company focused on better connecting, educating and amplifying the start-up technology community and showcasing the latest tech innovations. Tech Cocktail is aimed at helping build and strengthen local tech start-up communities both online and off. During past mixer events we have had companies find employees, co-founders, funding and some start-ups have even been acquired. We love it when that happens. Tech Cocktail

Digital LA

Digital LA organizes networking events for online entertainment, marketing and advertising friends and professionals around entertainment, strartups, movies, TV/web series, music, video games, VFX/3D, including content creation, development, distribution, marketing and social media. Digital LA is the founder of the Silicon Beach Fest, a biannual startup entertainment conference http://www.eventbrite.com/org/1423518361

Social Media Club of LA

Social Media Club Los Angeles designs monthly educational networking events focused on new and emerging social media trends and tools for business, case studies, and best practices. We strive to bring in speakers and hold interactive sessions and workshops useful to social media newbies and experts alike. http://socialmediaclub.org/

WordPress 10th Anniversary Mega Party

I’m a member of SoCal WordPress group in LA, and yesterday I carpooled to the Huntington Beach gathering for WordPress 10th Anniversary with Noel Saw and Crystal Ehrlich.WP The night is young

What do I know about WordPress? I’m a  blogger and I have five blogs and one website all on WordPress. When I discovered WP, I was fascinated how easy it was to start my own blog and use customized themes and features. Today you can Do It and Maintain It Yourself instead of paying someone to do it for you. As the organizer of Santa Monica New Tech I praise WP as a great tool for entrepreneurs to create a mock up of their MVP (usually a landing page a10 years T-shirtnd a blog post).

Finally technology is available for non-techies and empowers them to be creative!

From Wikipedia: “WordPress is a free and open source blogging tool and a content management system (CMS) based on PHP and MySQL which runs on a Web hosting service. It has many features including a plug-in architecture and a template system. WordPress is used by over 14.7% of Alexa Internet’s “top 1 million” websites and as of August 2011 manages 22% of all new websites. WordPress is currently the most popular blogging system in use on the Web, powering over 60 million websites worldwide”.

I had no expectations about this party, all I knew is that WordPress is turning 10! I signed up to attend this event on Facebook page http://on.fb.me/1avNk6g and Meetup page http://bit.ly/18rlN9D. With no traffic in about 30 minutes we got to Zeek Interactive hosting the OC party for WInland Warrior #WP10 Veriousordpress 10th Anniversary. Over the next 3 hours there were about 60-70 people celebrating with Mexican food buffet style, margaritas, beer and live feed of #WP10 Tweets. My picture was taken by Kevin @hbeach at the beginning of the event and I saw it immediately on the wall.MarinaWP10

I learned there are at least 12 WP Meetup groups in South California, and I met almost all of the organizers of those groups at this party: San Diego – Chris Lema, SoCal – Natalie and Noel, Inland Empire – Verious, Pasadena – Alex,  Orange County – Steve, Topanga – Lucy. I was told that usually 40-50 people come to the average meeting, and about 100 to Santa Monica events.

SoCal WP LeadersIt was great to talk to people and hear why they love WordPress. Developers, bloggers, UX and graphic designers and consultants. The culmination of the night was the blue pinata unicorn that gave sweets to all attendees. When I came home, I did more research on WP groups: SoCal is the 7th largest WP Meetup with 1301 members in the US after NYC with 2716, Boston, SF,  Dallas, Austin and DC, not counting other WP groups in the country.

Then this morning I was cWP10cakeSeattleurious to find my own picture taken yesterday at the event. I went to http://wp10.wordpress.net/. I clicked about 110 times “Load More” before I found it and what I saw while clicking amazed me.

If WordPress was a child, it would be the most loved and celebrated child in the world. At least yesterday. Hundreds of parties were thrown in its honor around the world: Tokyo, Indonesia, India, Pakistan, Switzerland, Austria, Montreal, Vancouver, Mexico, Mongolia, Buenos Aires, London, etc. and of course in the US: Boston, SF, LA, Texas, Sacramento, Seattle, NY,  Houston, Orlando, and many more locations!

I wowed at WordPress art : custom made cakes with beautiful designs like the one from Seattle. People were sending pictures and messages full of love and adoration: “I Love @Wordpress happiness #WP10” @jcvalencia10.WP10hashcount

I decided to count hashtags #WP10 at about 12:45PM PST on May 28, 2013. There were about ~1500 proper hashtags, never mind pics and messages that were not tagged by hashtags.

I’m truly impressed with what WP achieved in just 10 years. In the next 10 years it will unite more people of different races, religions and nationalities and become more plug-in friendly. WordPress is a great example of technology bringing peace to humankind. Thank you, WP,  and keep up good work!


Our birthday party party took place on May 20, 2013 at 31Ten Lounge 6-11PM. 200 people came to celebSanta Monica New Tech Cakerate. There were free massages, happy hour prices, free vodka shots, beer pong games, bday cake, friends from La Tech happy hour, DJ, hockey game to watch and more.

Our event sponsor was Elance.com. “Elance is where people Work Differently™. A pioneer in today’s freelance revolution, Elance is the world’s leading platform for online work. Today over 500,000 businesses and 2 million freelancers use Elance in 170+ countries. Over 1 million freelance jobs are completed”.

SMNT party131Ten Lounge is “a great venue to have events. A beautiful indoor/outdoor Restaurant and Lounge located on the border of Santa Monica and Venice on Main Street. 31Ten serves an incredible menu from their renowned chef Michael Wilson (formerly of 5 Dudley and Wilsons). They also have a wonderful cocktail list served by an intelligent and beautiful staff. You can enjoy your evening either by a fire-pit open to the sky or on the dance floor only feet from the live DJ”.SMNT party2

La Tech Happy Hour: “Imagine if there was a place, where at one table an entrepreneur meets her next $100,000 investor. A designer meets a new client, a web developer with a great internet startup. A PHP engineer meets a charismatic founder that excites him with his vision, so much so that he can picture leaving his day job for the exhilarating experience of working tirelessly for technology stock options that could be worth millions one day”.

Santa Monica New Tech has members from all over the world: Australia,  UK, Ukraine, South Africa, China, Mexico, and other countries. Thank you all for coming and giving your feedback in person or via survey http://svy.mk/19An8XQ. More pictures from this event: http://www.meetup.com/Santa-Monica-New-Tech/photos/15030032/

See you at our future events!